Dorcas Society Recognition and Retirement

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Dorcas Society Recognition

On Mother’s Day, May 10th, the congregation recognized the service ministry of the women of the Dorcas Society with prayers of thanksgiving for this long-standing mission of the congregation. Organized fifty-eight years ago in the spring of 1957, when the congregation was relocating to Riverside from the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, the Dorcas Society has been engaged in a variety of annual service projects and activities, most notably the autumn craft and pantry fair, the yearly Palm Sunday festive coffee hour, a number of home-grown stage productions and, for many years, the incomparable and memorable “Kitchen Band.” Through these many popular, well-organized, and much appreciated fund-raising efforts, the women of Dorcas were enabled to make significant, annual financial contributions to the ministries of the congregation as well as numerous additions of furnishings and enhancements to the church facility. Photos by Adam Walker.

Dorcas Cake