Medical-Missionaries-in-Tanzania-791x1024February 2015

Dear Partners in Mission,

New Year’s blessings from Minnesota. Our extended stay has given us a chance to reconnect with many of you in more than 25 churches. Thank you for being motivated partners in our work with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. These six months have also allowed us to deal with many family and work-related issues.

Steve has returned to work with 15 committed and competent Tanzanian doctors. Ten medical clinics serve nomadic Maasai people in remote areas. The clinics are located near permanent water sources and are the only medical care available. They provide free immunizations, prenatal care, and contraception. Tropical diseases such as malaria, TB, trachoma, STI, anemia, malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies are treated. The largest of these clinics is located in Mto wa Mbu and provides long-term treatment for over 1000 HIV patients. It is exciting to have young Maasai in doctors’ and nurses’ training programs who will be the next generation of medical staff.

Nyika and Zaka are gaining a lot of valuable experience with a construction company. Close family friends in Superior, WI are hosting our sons and guiding their transition to North America. They begin university in the fall. Shalai enjoys music lessons, sports, and a church youth group while attending middle school. Bethany and Shalai will continue to live with Steve’s 95-year-old mother until they return to Tanzania in June.Missionary Family

Three things will last forever. Faith. Hope. Love.

With our thanks,

Steve and Bethany